We are a small team made up of dynamic young individuals who pride themselves on innovation. With a range of proven internet and new media skills, our team has the ability and experience to execute strategies in a timely manner.

Internally, we have a flat management hierarchy and provides you with a true, genuine experience to each project. Hands on support is a given and you can get the answer straight from the person executing the objective. No running through tiers of management or trying to fluff around the problem, we want our relationship to be frank, open and honest.

All our staff are directly involved in creative planning and development, and have a passion to create beautiful, purposeful designs and solutions. We enjoy the challenge to meet a client’s goals despite the project restrictions there will no doubt be as there is in all projects.

With all this in mind, we are able to offer our customers a completely integrated design and development solution. We maintain close working relationships with many highly qualified and experienced professionals such as photographers, production managers, copywriters, videographers, sound engineers, internet marketing professionals, and animation houses so if there are new media blind spots, we have them covered.

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